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Natural Stone

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If you're doing a large-scale project, consider stand-up stone as an option to complete your project more efficiently. Classic Stone Works sells large pieces that work great around a swimmind pool or as your new patio. There are many pallets to choose from on a daily basis.


You can still choose from a large variety of stone colors! Whether you choose to use your stand-up stone for a pool project or to create a path with a larger surface area, you can still match the look of the stone to the area where you'll be installing it.

Large Stand-Up Stone Pieces

  • Patios

  • Paths

  • Paving slabs

  • Walkways

Uses for stand-up stone

Choose the stone you need without having to buy an entire palette.

Call and ask how you can get a contractor discount!



  • Fences

  • Roofing

  • Memorials and headstones

  • Other construction




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