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Serving the Golden Triangle Area

Natural Stone

* Required

When you need a large amount of sand or gravel for a project, Classic Stone Works will get the amount you need as quickly as possible.


Most of the sand and gravel we provide you with is locally-sourced within Texas and the surrounding areas. You shouldn't have to pay a ridiculous amount for your sand or gravel. It is always our goal to get the lowest prices possible for your products.

Locally Provided Sand and Gravel

Believe it or not, you can use crushed granite or gravel on your property to beautify your landscape and provide rough walking paths.


Utilizing gravel and sand can create pathways with a much more natural look than stone or concrete. You can also apply gravel or sand to areas where you'd like to create a surface without the complication of having sidewalks or paver stones installed.

Add a finishing touch to your project

Check out our clearance bin to see which stone is currently on sale.

We provide both small and large amounts of stone and gravel



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